Odoo E-Invoicing

Designed by our SMMM(CPA) certified consultants.

Odoo is an open source ERP and CRM program that has made a name for itself in recent years among giant ERP companies such as Microsoft, Oracle and SAP. In fact, treating Odoo as just an ERP or CRM program is somewhat unfair to the engineering behind it.

With the e-transformation process Turkey has been going through in recent years, the majority of companies have been obliged to use e-invoice and e-archive. Apart from this, different e-transformation solutions such as e-export for exporting companies, e-ledger for companies that contain the conditions for issuing official ledgers, and e-waybill for companies that send goods and products have also been introduced.

As Vis Marin company, we have completed the e-transformation works that we have done on Microsoft Dynamics side, also on Odoo side. In this way, we made all e-transformation solutions required by companies work integrated with Odoo.

In the E-Invoice/E-Archive Module, you can send the invoices you have issued to the buyer through the system, make inquiries, and view the latest status. Click to get information about Odoo E-Invoice.

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