Dynamics 365 Integrated HR Solution

HR Portal Home Page

You can communicate with your personal information about your main company, see the company, add pictures, manage the narration. The main part of these days and newcomers is fed by the Dynamics 365 HR part. Fee entries and approval stages are also carried out through this application.

Profile Page
Users can manage their own passwords, details such as company registration number, department, position, telephone and e-mail are listed. This information is taken from Dynamics 365.
Dynamics 365 Entegre İK Uygulaması Profil Sayfası

Leave Management
In the Leave Management section, there are leave inquiry, leave request, leave reconciliation sections. In addition, the manager of the personnel in the Dynamics 365 hierarchy can give approval through these screens. There is an approval delegation, and records are kept of the information on when and by whom the approvals were given.
Dynamics 365 Entegre İK Uygulaması üzerinden personeller İzin istekleri girebilir, yöneticileri bu istekleri onaylayabilir.

Production Efficiency (PACS Integration)
Work done, overtime, work done in different departments are transferred from Dynamics 365. There is full integration.
Dynamics 365 Entegre İK Uygulaması Borax bordro ile entegre çalışır, PDKS kayıtlarını personel kartıyla eşleştirir.

Payroll Inquiry
Payroll inquiries can be made by the staff, and the staff can automatically receive their payroll by e-mail for the month they wish.Dynamics 365 Entegre İK Uygulaması Borax ile entegre çalışır, bordro sorgulama ve indirme işlemi yapılabilir.